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back to topHere, I’ve gathered a some rss feeds with articles pertaining to web design and development.

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  • Responsive Iconic Menu - 3 April 2014
    A sleek CSS3 horizontal menu bar that stays tucked away until the user clicks on an icon, revealing the menu.
  • scrollMagic - 16 March 2014
    A jQuery plugin for doing cool scroll related animations such as parallax.
  • Grid: A simple guide to responsive design - 25 February 2014
    Awesome, one page guide to responsive design.
  • jQuery 1.11 and 2.1 Released - 28 January 2014
    The new versions improve upon performance such as lower startup times plus availability as a npm package (for use in node or browserify).
  • PhysicsJS - 26 November 2013
    A JavaScript 2D Physics engine to add some nice physics effects to your code.

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  • #132: A Quick Useful Case for Sass Math and Mixins
    I had a little design situation come up where I was making a fluid grid of boxes with floats. I wanted to specify how many boxes across a row was very easily, and have them flush against both edges of [...]
  • #131: Tinkering With Flexbox
    In this video we tackle a little front end layout problem that would have been pretty much impossible without flexbox. I wrote up an article about it too, for easier reference of code.…
  • #130: First Moments with Grunt
    There are all these tasks that we need to do as front end developers. Concatenate and compress our files. Run our preprocessors. Optimize images. Run tests. The list goes on and on. Using different to [...]
  • #129: Emmet (is Awesome)
    Emmet is an add-on for code editors that allows you to write HTML and CSS more quickly. On the HTML front, it allow you to write abbreviations for HTML. For instance table>tr*3>td*3 Turns into [...]
  • #128: Effeckt.css, Local Setup with Grunt, and Contributing on GitHub
    Effeckt.css is an in-progress open source project that aims to provide performant, quality CSS transitions and animations for web designers. The idea is to provide as little UI and JavaScript as poss [...]

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  • Does HTML5 Need a Main Element? - 6 February 2013
    The World Wide Web Consortium (W3) is already working on a draft specification for HTML 5.1. It should come as no surprise to anyone who follows this kind of thing that many of the proposed new standa [...]
  • Revisiting the HTML5 vs. Native Debate - 29 January 2013
    HTML5's rapid progress as a platform means that developers, particularly mobile application developers, need to revisit earlier decisions. Should they create applications natively or take advanta [...]
  • Ruby-on-Rails Faces Second Security Flaw in a Week - 9 January 2013
    For the second time in a week, Ruby-on-Rails maintainers have been forced to push out what they describe as “extremely critical security fixes” to close a security hole in the popular fram [...]
  • Project Nashorn to Make Java, JavaScript Work Together - 20 December 2012
    Oracle is putting its weight behind a new project aimed at making JavaScript work better with Java. Dubbed Project Nashorn, its goal is “to implement a lightweight high-performance JavaScript ru [...]
  • Responsive Web Design: More Than Just a Buzz Word - 14 December 2012
    Perceptive website developers not only know what responsive web design is; they've already put it into practice. Thanks to a number of trends among web users, the need for websites built along re [...]

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