Philly immigrant perspectives

One more Saturday of class until I complete the medical interpreter course. The students in the course include many international students as well as Americans who have studied abroad and became proficient in the languages of their travels.

I am studying to be a Vietnamese interpreter, and I’m struggling most with medical terminology, in part because I cannot read Vietnamese. The course provided me with an English-Vietnamese medical glossary, which I am reviewing with my mother’s help, but quite honestly it is as if I don’t know the language at all! I will have to make flashcards for myself — back to grade school study strategies.

My struggles bridging the language and cultural gap make the article below especially poignant. It reminds me that my challenges are nothing compared to the folks who have left their homes, their traditions, their families, their careers, their native tongues, their entire world to come to the United States because ultimately they believe, after all their struggles, they will achieve a better life here.

Stu Bykofsky: No griping about America from this group of immigrants | Philadelphia Daily News | 09/26/2011.

Bioethicist Offers $10,000 Reward For Proof of Bachmann Vaccine Claims

Scientist vs. Politician — gogogogo!

Bioethicist Offers $10,000 Reward For Proof of Bachmann Vaccine Claims – Forbes.

Dogs at the Bay on Labor Day weekend 2011

When we go to the beach on summer weekends, we often take the dogs to play in the bay. They get sooo excited and rambunctious, I had to catch them on video. Another reason to love iPhone. I edited the clips using iMovie. Another reason to love Apple and Macs. The video takes a few seconds to load so just hang for a bit.

P.S. that’s my stud in the poster frame.

Barrymore Award nominees 2011

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Ooooh look, I was part of a Barrymore-nominated musical! Hehehe I’m being a dork.

Miss Saigon — Walnut Street Theatre

Nominees & Recipients | Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia.